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330 College Street, Amherst, MA

I've just opened a new studio at 330 College Street! I'm accepting new students!

In addition to this, I'm opening an attached 400 square foot space to community arts projects. If you have a arts-related group that needs a place to meet, come and see if the space fits your needs!

Within a framework of six tenets - autonomy, community, creativity, play, recognized success, and relatedness, it's my goal to teach my students exactly what they need to know to achieve their musical goals. Everyone has a unique goal, so I use a student-based approach and develop a unique curriculum for each musician.

I'm a licensed public school music teacher in the state of Massachusetts and a Suzuki-registered guitar instructor specializing in classical guitar, rock, folk, and pop, with students ranging in age from 4 years old to adult. I've taught hundreds of students guitar for over 20 years.

I taught for over 7 years at the Uconn Community Music School for the Arts and for 14 years before that privately and at various other schools. I'm currently in my last semester of masters work in education at the University of Massachusetts with a focus on Learning Media and Technology and Social Justice Education.